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Full Coat Groom

The full coat groom is perfect for any cat owner looking to cut down on shedding, matting or scratching.


Lion Cut Groom

The lion cut groom provides a close shave to the skin leaving your cat with a full mane, boots and a Pom-Pom tail.


Add On Services

-Nail Caps $35.00

-Sanitary groom $35.00

Comb Cut Groom

The comb cut groom is perfect for any well maintained cat (no matts allowed). The teddy bear cut allows you to choose the length from 1/8” to 1” long.


Dematting Groom

The dematting groom is for the cat with some not so fun knots. What is include in this service can vary from cat to cat. The demating process can be very stressful for the cat and therefore they cannot always do the bath.



DeShedding Groom

The DeShedding groom is perfect for any cat shedding its undercoat. First we use special deshedding products in the bathing stage to help loosen the excess undercoat and make it easier to remove. Then we blow dry and brush all the unwanted hair away. This leaves you cat feeling clean and much more comfortable.


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Our Story

Let me introduce myself, my name is Emma and I am local to the Victoria area. I am very excited to be starting a new business on beautiful Vancouver Island. I started this business to provide a safe, calm and relaxing experience for your feline family. Less stress for both you and your cat makes the grooming process so much more enjoyable. At my mobile grooming studio our motto is  "Nothing Butt Cats"

We use professional grooming techniques and all natural products to give your cat the best groom possible. I look forward to getting to know all my clients and their owners.

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Because We Care


We work our hardest



to support organic and natural




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