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About Us


Let me introducing myself, my name is Emma and I am local to the Victoria area. I am very excited to be starting a new business on beautiful Vancouver Island. I started this business to provide a safe, calm and relaxing experience for your feline family. Less stress for both you and your cat makes the grooming experience so much more enjoyable. At my mobile grooming studio our motto is  "Nothing Butt Cats"

We use professional grooming techniques and all natural products to give your cat the best experience possible. I look forward to getting to know all my clients.

Our Values


I am certified by Apex Academy as a master groomer to ensure your pet gets a safe and professional service.


We wanted to provided a reliable, convenient and stress free service for our customers. 


The primary reason that I am in this profession is because I care about your feline family. We want to assure you that we use the best all natural, cat safe products to make sure your cat looks and feels it's best. 

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