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Having a Bath


This service is to help the kitty's who are a little messy when using their litter box or that mat under their bellies and legs

This service includes:

-Shaving half of their inner legs

-Shaving around their bum

-Shaving either a quarter, half or their full belly

Sanitary Groom

Full Coat Groom

This service is perfect for any cat owner looking to cut down on shedding, matting or scratching. We give your kitty a head to toe grooming to remove not only excess hair but also excess oil and dead skin build up to help keep their skin and coat nice and healthy. This service includes:

-A Full Nail Trim

-A Bath and Blow Dry

-Full Body Comb Out

Dematting Groom

The dematting groom is for the cat with some not so fun knots. What is include in this service can vary from cat to cat. The demating process can be very stressful for the cat and therefore they cannot always do the bath.


This service includes:

-Nail Trim

-Bath and Blow Dry

-Dematting comb out / Shave

Teddy Bear Groom

This cut is perfect for any well maintained kitty. The teddy bear cut allows you to choose your lengths from 1/8” to 1” long. We leave the mane and a full tail. However there cannot be any matting in the fur prior to cut. This service includes:

-Nail Trim


-Bath and Blow Dry

-Comb Out

DeShedding Groom

The DeShedding groom is perfect for any cat shedding its undercoat. First we use special deshedding products in the bathing stage to help loosen the excess undercoat and make it easier to remove. Then we blow dry and brush all the unwanted hair away. This leaves you cat feeling clean and much more comfortable.

-Nail Trim 

-DeShedding Bath

-Blow Dry

-DeShedding Comb Out

Lion Cut Groom

This cut provides a close shave to the skin leaving your kitty with a full mane, boots and a Pom-Pom tail.

This service includes:

-Nail Trim


-Bath and Blow Dry


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